Patient Centered Medical Home - Neighborhood

The Patient Centered Medical Home - Neighborhood (PCMH-N) is a quality of care model that involves a patient and his/her personal physician.

  • Care coordination
  • Building care relationships
  • Encouraging patients and their families toward self management 
  • Active management of preventative care and chronic care management

The benefits of the Patient Centered Medical Home - Neighborhood include improving access to high-quality care and focus on the individual patient as a partner in overall health care.

The following OPNS primary care physicians providing the Patient Centered Medical Home model of comprehensive patient care have received 2017 PCMH Designation by BCBSM: 

Aljundi Medical PLLC
        Hend Aljundi, MD - Internal Medicine
Annamma Pullukat MD 
Anna Pullukat, MD - General Pediatrics
Aydin Turan MD PC
Aydin Turan, MD - Internal Medicine
Bloomfield Hills Pediatrics PC
Fidelina Baraceros, MD - General Pediatrics
Katherine Yulo, MD - General Pediatric
Children's Care Medical Center
        Marie McDonald, MD - General Pediatrics
Clarkston Internal Medicine PC 
Nathan Chase, MD - Internal Medicine
Rosa Mirijanian, MD - Internal Medicine
Bashar Okka, MD - Internal Medicine 
Commerce Pediatrics Associates PC
Sudipta Dhar, MD - General Pediatrics
Commerce Primary Care PC 
Alka Jain, MD - Internal Medicine
Samuel Jonnalagadda, MD - Internal Medicine
Devyani Khambete MD PC
Devyani Khambete, MD - Pediatrics
Parvathi Sivaramakrishnanm MD - General Pediatrics
Edgewood Center Pediatrics
Beth Baver-Neff, MD - General Pediatrics
Cheryl Gannon, MD - General Pediatrics
Brian Gendleman, MD - General Pediatrics
Faiz Mansour MD PC
Faiz Mansour, MD - Internal Medicine
Farhat Osman MD PC 
Farhat Osman, MD - General Pediatrics
Glenn Bauer MD PC
Glenn Bauer, MD - General Pediatrics
Glennan Medical Group PC
Sheryl Wissman, MD - Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
James A Gibson MD
James Gibson, MD - Internal Medicine
MHP Auburn Hills Medical Clinic
        Corey Haber, DO - Family Medicine
MHP Family Health Care Center
        Paul Ehrmann, DO - Family Medicine
Timothy Lamb, MD - Internal Medicine
Varsha Revankar, MD - Internal Medicine
MHP Kingswood Internal Medicine
Imad Mansoor, MD - Internal Medicine
MHP Lakes Internal Medicine
Elaine Brenner, MD - Internal Medicine
Saad Kemennu, MD - Internal Medicine
Christian McTurk, MD - Internal Medicine
Dana Yuzon, MD - Internal Medicine
MHP Rochester Medical Group
Florante Fermil, MD - Family Practice
Jacqueline Friedman, MD - Family Practice
Glenn Gradis, DO - Family Practice
Xiaonan Guo, DO - Internal Medicine
Michael Margolis, MD - Internal Medicine
Alina Murariu-Dobrin, MD - Internal Medicine
Kien Tran, DO - Internal Medicine
Michael Stachecki MD PLLC
Michael Stachecki, MD - Medicine/Pediatrics
Premiere Pediatrics PC
James Shaya, MD - General Pediatrics
Satish Sundar, MD - General Pediatrics
Mark Thomas, MD - General Pediatrics
Tracy Thompson, MD - General Pediatrics
SJMH Medical Practice - Affinity Pediatrics and Internal Medicine
Leslie Caren, MD - Medicine/Pediatrics
Hadeel Razook, MD - Family Practice
SJMH Medical Practice Davisburg Family Medicine
        Ramla Moghul, MD - Family Practice
SJMH Medical Practice - Lake Orion
Timothy Dickson, MD - Medicine/Pediatrics
Theresa Larsen, MD - Medicine/Pediatrics
Amy McCarthy, MD - Medicine/Pediatrics
SJMH Medical Practice Rochester
Walter Culver, MD - Medicine/Pediatrics
SJMH Medical Practice Union Lake
Stacey Gorman, MD - General Pediatrics
Amy Kowalski, MD - General Pediatrics
Geetha Nair, MD - General Pediatrics
SJMH Medical Practice - Bloomfield Internal Medicine
Tassia Pfefferkorn, MD - Internal Medicine
SJMH Medical Practice - Clarkston Family Medicine
Bhupendra Patel, MD - Family Medicine
SJMH Medical Practice - Waterford Internal Medicine
Kohler Champion, MD - Family Practice
Paunel Grivej, MD - Internal Medicine
Michael Krivitsky, MD - Internal Medicine
Nadia Sadik, MD - Internal Medicine
Sudha N Purohit MD PC
Sudha Purohit, MD - Internal Medicine
Sylvan Lake Family Medicine PLC
Kirti Sanghvi, MD - Family Practice
Prakash Sanghvi, MD - Family Practice
Tanir Medical Center PC
Narin Tanir, MD - Internal Medicine
Twin Lakes Medical Associates
Ted Miklas, MD - Internal Medicine