Core Values

To be:
Accountable, Honest and Fair
Transparent and Outcome Focused
Data Driven and Fact Firm
Innovative and Adaptable
Resource Stewardship Efficient and Value Obsessed
Non-partisan and Equitable
To demonstrate:
Teamwork and Leadership 
To Provide:
Accessible, Inclusive and Collaborative Customer Satisfaction.

Vision Statement

To be the preferred and most trusted resource for physicians for services that enhance their practice of medicine.

Mission Statement

To be the premier integrated health care delivery system in Southeast Michigan, recognized by our patients, physicians, providers and payors as providing the highest value in care and services.

About OPNS

Oakland Physician Network Services, Inc. is an independent physician owned and operated corporation comprised of over 425 primary care and specialty physicians.  From its location in Oakland County, OPNS serves the medical community by centrally maintaining the infrastructure to support best practices in medical management, office management, and database management.  It provides financial and quality analysis and reporting services that assist member physicians in delivering higher quality care and managing costs for more than 15 healthcare plans.

Medical Management Departmental Program Description

OPNS Board of Directors

2018 OPNS Board of Directors

  • Samer Bahu, MD - Otolaryngology
  • Leslie Caren, MD - Medicine/Pediatrics
  • Nathan Chase, MD - Internal Medicine
  • James Gibson, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Marko Gudziak, MD - Urological Surgery - President
  • William Jewell, MD - Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Malik E. McKany, MD - General Surgery
  • B. G. Patel, MD - Family Practice
  • Steven Rapp, MD - Neurosurgery
  • Prakash Sanghvi, MD - Family Medicine
  • Satish Sundar, MD - General Pediatrics
2018 Members, Presenters, Liaisons
  • Imad Mansoor, MD - Internal Medicine - Chief Medical Officer
  • Rodger Prong - Chief Executive Officer

OPNS Informatics Digest

The OPNS Informatics Digest is an informational newsletter highlighting the areas in which the OPNS Informatics Team assists physicians and office staff.

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IT Digest